Beer Near Me. 〜Only 5min travel by train from Shinjuku to BEER BAR ASYLE Ogikubo, Tokyo



Beer Near Me. 〜Only 5min travel by train from Shinjuku to BEER BAR ASYLE Ogikubo, Tokyo


Welcome to Japan.


Are you enjoying your trip to Japan?

Historic architecture, beautiful nature, entertainment places.and more.

I think each of you has your own way of enjoying it.


how about a meal?


Ramen, Sushi, Okonomiyaki, Yakitori...

Delicious food is everywhere in Japan.

And at a reasonable price!


Have you tried Japanese beer?

How did it compare to yours?


Craft beer is very popular all over the world, right?

It is also very popular in Japan.


Some tourists buy Japanese craft beer as a souvenir to take home.

Do you know Japanese craft beer called Gargery?

Unfortunately Gargery cannot be used as a souvenir.

Because Gargery can only be drunk at restaurants that handle it.

Gargery is not found in any other department store or web site.

Gargery is a very rare Japanese premium craft beer.

There are 6 types of Gargery in total.

Gargery beer is the finest taste in Japan

You need to have a keen sence of taste.

Craft beer restaurant Asyle in Ogikubo, Tokyo.

It is the only restaurant in Japan that has all kinds of Gargery Beer.

Asyle is a restaurant worth visiting not only for tourists but also for Japanese people.


Your trip to Japan will be better than any other traveler if you visit Asyle.

It becomes priceless.

Asyle is located in Ogikubo, Tokyo.

Ogikubo is a small town in Tokyo just 10 minutes travel by train from Shinjuku.

Not a tourist spot. It's a city everywhere.

Visiting a city where there are only locals

It will enrich your trip to Japan.

It can be a little adventure.

I climbed Tokyo Tower on my trip to Japan, went to Kyoto, went to Asakusa,

We often hear that

However, I have never heard that you went to Ogikubo on your trip to Japan.

The experience of going to Ogikubo and drinking premium Japanese craft beer only available

at a restaurant called Asyle will be something you can brag about to your friends

after you return to your home country.

Drinking Gargery at Asyle will be a trend for traveling to Japan in the near future.


Why don't you try it first?

Please enjoy an adventure only 10 minutes travel from Shinjuku.

The destination of your adventure is Asyle.

No Beer No Life

Beer near U

Gargery here at Asyle